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Artist Statement

I create watercolor and acrylic paintings, specializing in landscapes, plants , and abstractions based on natural patterns and forms.  Many paintings are relatively realistic, inspired by my experiences and impressions traveling in the West and Midwest.  Others spring directly from my imagination, and still others find their inception in specific materials, techniques, or compositional approaches.  I also enjoy creating "improvisations" which develop through a dialogue between my ideas and the whims of the medium.



Biographical Information

Having worked as an elementary school teacher, college professor, parish organist, choir director, composer, and software engineer, I come to the visual arts late in life, but find that painting draws deeply on my work in those fields: creativity in the visual arts has much in common with creativity in performing and composing music.  As a painter I am largely self-taught, and have also taken classes and workshops with Greg Lipelt, Mary Ann Inman, and Stephen Quiller.  I  moved to the Gig Harbor area two years ago after spending almost my whole life in the Upper Midwest.


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Visit my gallery: http://emilymaxsonporter.mosaicglobe.com/

Email : emaxonporter@gmail.com



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