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Scott Sawdon

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Scott is a fifth generation Nevadan. He grew up in the Los Angeles area. One year, while on his way to Holland, Scott changed planes in Seattle. While the plane was landing, Scott was glued to the window, intoxicated by the sheer beauty of Puget Sound.


After returning home from his vacation, Scott became obsessed with the Pacific Northwest. After a brief exploratory visit to Seattle, without a job or even a place to live, Scott relocated and never looked back. He knew Seattle was his home; where he had to be.



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Scott now lives in Seattle’s historic Central District with his partner of 14 years, Matt, and a bevy of feathered, furry, finned, and even a few scaled companions. His appreciation of the outdoors, nurtured by many camping and backpacking trips with his late father, found its place forever in his heart.

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Now, through A Peace of Earth©, Scott hopes to share his experiences and visions of the Pacific Northwest.

"I was once asked why I take so many pictures. "Why not live in the moment?" My reply, "Life is so beautiful, I have to share it. Even something common like a bug on a flower, a bird on a fence, or the face of a delighted fan at a concert can be so moving, it would be a shame not to capture it on film."


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